The objective of the Yale Institute for Network Science (YINS) is to produce and disseminate knowledge related to network science, in all its forms and applications, and to make Yale a leader in the area. Network phenomena are now studied in many disciplines, including engineering, computer science, sociology, economics, political science, biology, physics, medicine, public health, and management. Hence, the study of networks is dramatically transforming scientific fields traversing Engineering and the Social and Natural Sciences. Reflecting this diversity, YINS was created with support from the Provost’s office after a proposal from a working group spearheaded by Dan Spielman (Department of Computer Science), Sekhar Tatikonda (School of Engineering and Applied Sciences), Dirk Bergemann (Department of Economics), and Julia Adams (Department of Sociology). The Institute was founded in 2013 under the leadership of Co-Directors Dan Spielman and Nicholas Christakis (Sociology). Nicholas Christakis is the current Director. 

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Nicholas A. Christakis

Nicholas A. Christakis, MD, PhD, MPH, is a social scientist and physician who conducts research on social factors that affect health, health care, and longevity. He directs the Human Nature Lab at Yale University, and is the Co-Director of the Yale Institute for Network Science. He is the Sol Goldman Family Professor of Social and Natural Science at Yale University. Dr. Christakis’s current research is focused on the relationship between social networks and health. People are inter-connected, and so their health is inter-connected. This research engages two types of phenomena: the social, mathematical, and biological rules governing how social networks form (“connection”), and the biological and social implications of how they operate to influence thoughts, feelings, and behaviors (“contagion”).

Keegan, Thomas

Tom Keegan

Tom Keegan is Executive Director of YINS, providing administrative leadership to the institute and contributing to long-term strategic planning for its current and future position at Yale and in the larger world of network science research. He oversees programs and projects advancing the educational, research, and service missions of YINS, as well as those that seek to forge partnerships between YINS and entities outside of Yale. Tom has a Ph.D. in social psychology from Cornell University and has been working in research administration for the last twelve years. In addition to his role at YINS, Tom is Lab Director for the Human Nature Lab of YINS Co-Director Nicholas Christakis.

Affiliated Groups

More on YINS Director Nicholas Christakis and his research can be found at the Human Nature Lab web site. Former YINS Co-Director Dan Spielman now heads Yale’s Institute for Foundations of Data Science.


Yale University and the Tata group of India have launched a far-ranging research collaboration that builds on their shared strengths in discovery, technology, and innovation. The alliance is led by a Joint Steering Committee (JSC) of Tata and Yale leadership. The JSC at Yale includes FAS Dean Tamar Gendler, SEAS Dean Jeff Brock, and is chaired by Nicholas Christakis ’84, Director of the Yale Institute for Network Science and Sterling Professor of Social and Natural Science. The Tata group has committed to fund the alliance for seven years. The project has fostered an intellectual exchange between the university, Tata Sons Limited, and several Tata companies, including Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Chemicals, and Titan.

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