We aim to create and expand our understanding of how human social networks affect behavior and health, and how they are biologically and genetically encoded.

Below is a full listing of our published papers.

Machine Behaviour

Machine Behaviour


I. Rahwan, M. Cebrian, N. Obradovich, J. Bongard, J.F. Bonnefon, C. Breazeal, J.W. Crandall, N. A. Christakis, I.D. Couzin, M.O. Jackson, N.R. Jennings, E. Kamar, I.M. Kloumann, H. Larochelle, D. Lazer, R. McElreath, A. Mislove, D.C. Parkes, A. Pentland, M.E. Roberts, A. Shariff, J.B. Tenenbaum, and M. Wellman


Nature, 568: 477-486 (Apr 2019)