Our Lab

HNL is focused on all aspects of human interactions. We seek to discover new truths about social life and to present them to the world vividly and clearly.


Research in the Human Nature Lab lies at the intersection of the biological, social, and computational sciences. We develop and apply novel insights about the aspects of human nature that relate to our interactions with others.

Our interest is in how human beings think and feel about, and behave towards, others. We are interested in the emergent properties of social systems, and their social and evolutionary origins.

Understanding ourselves and our societies better

The Human Nature Lab explores how our networks, biology, and environment influence our social behavior. We use diverse computational, genomic, biological, experimental, and analytic methods to tackle several categories of subjects related to human social interactions. 

Experiments with Online Networks

Hybrid Systems of Humans and AI Agents

Experiments with Face-to-Face Networks

Biology of Social Interactions

Computational Social Science

Network Methodology

The making of
our research

Video mini-documentaries regarding the design of some of our projects


Honduras Social Networks - Long Version (2015)


Honduras Social Networks - Short Version (2015)

Empowering your research

Good science often involves developing new tools. We make tools we develop publicly available here.



Breadboard is a software platform for
developing and conducting human
interaction experiments in groups.



Trellis is a suite of software tools for
developing, administering, and collecting
survey and social network data.


We are grateful for the support of our sponsors and donors who enable us to pursue our mission to advance science and enhance human well being.