Ana Lucia Rodridguez de la Rosa

Ana Lucía Rodriguez de la Rosa

Associate Research Scientist

Ana Lucía Rodriguez de la Rosa, BSc. MA., MSc. PhD., joined the HNL as a post-doctoral trainee and currently serves as an Associate Research Scientist (2022-). Her program of research centers on Mental Health (including Human Flourishing) and health literacy, in the context of face-to-face Social Networks (SN). Ana Lucía’s focus on the critical role of friends, foes, and family on the individual and social wellbeing among resource-limited communities has led her to expand her scientific questions to the science of the implementation social network projects and relationships appraisal in signed graphs.

Ana Lucía also coordinates our international cooperation with our Latin American team, overseeing, and designing most of our community centered dissemination outlets for the diverse sociobiological studies we pursue in the context of our Honduran cohort.  

Dr. Rodriguez de la Rosa also serves as a devoted mentor to early carreer HNL scholars, including high-school interns and post-grads. Outside of the HNL, she is the leading founder of the first women scientist's association of the Caribbean of Colombia.

Prior to her academic work, Ana Lucía occupied leadership positions in the government, NGOs, and the corporate sector, an experience that ignited her passion for translating research to the public and bridging knowledge to practice and policy.  She was also an National Institutes of Health (NIH)-Fogarty Fellow in Global Health, as she completed her graduate training in psychology, sociology, political science, and development/cultural studies.

Her 7-year-old golden retriever "Baru" is an adopted member of the HNL family!