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Research Videos

Network Science Improving Health in Honduras:

Can network science be used to improve health more cost-effectively in the developing world? We believe that because people are connected, their health is connected. Can social networks be utilized to influence behavior and, more importantly, be leveraged to achieve positive outcomes? To study this concept, researchers in the Human Nature Lab are spearheading a public health research study in Honduras, trying to map the extent to which improvements in health behaviors can ripple through social connections. The goal of the project, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is to evaluate the effectiveness of using social network strategies to implement maternal and neonatal health interventions in rural settings. In the videos below (one short and one long) we discuss our driving motivations, our research design details, and our goals for the project. Please watch!

Below are video animations of the evolution of networks and the attributes of the people within them. Narrated versions of some of these videos are provided, as are links to the original manuscripts that describe what is contained in the videos. The native videos without narration can also be downloaded here.

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