Trellis is a software suite, developed by the Human Nature Lab, to census study participants, map real-world networks, and collect survey data. Trellis is composed of two pieces of software; an app for collecting data on Android-based tablets and a web application for survey development and study management. Enumerators use the tablets to collect pictures and demographic information, collect survey data and map the social networks of the study participants. Study administrators use the web application to design surveys, manage interviewer performance and clean and download collected data.

Its use in Honduras is illustrated here.

Recent Journal article that uses Trellis: D.A. Kim, A.R. Hwong, D. Stafford, D.A. Hughes, A.J. O’Malley, J.H. Fowler, and N.A. Christakis,, “Social network targeting to maximise population behaviour change: a cluster randomised controlled trial,” The Lancet, Published online May 5, 2015