• Our platform for conducting online experiments, deployed in several of our papers, and named Breadboard, will soon be made available.
  • Our software for mapping networks sociocentrically (in villages, schools, workplaces, etc.), named Trellis, will soon be available as open source.
  • Our leadership insularity algorithm code (in Python) is described in S. Arbesman and N.A. Christakis, “Leadership Insularity: A New Measure of Connectivity Between Central Nodes in Networks,” Connections 30(1): 4-10 (Summer 2010) is available here.
  • For our computerized version of the file that links social security numbers to the place and year of issue, as described by Block, Matanoski, Seltser, “A Method for Estimating Year of Birth Using Social Security Number,” American Journal of Epidemiology 118(3): 377-395 (1983), and as used in our paper, L. Jin, F. Elwert, J. Freese, and N.A. Christakis, “Preliminary Evidence Regarding the Hypothesis that the Sex Ratio at Sexual Maturity May Affect Longevity in Men,” Demography 47(3): 579-586 (2010) is available here.