Meeting on Methodology for Empirical Research on Social Interactions, Social Networks and Health (MERSIH II)

November 13 and 14, 2009


Professor Nicholas A. Christakis
Department of Health Care Policy,
Harvard Medical School,
Department of Sociology, Harvard University

Professor Charles F. Manski
Department of Economics and Institute for Policy Research,
Northwestern University


The Institute for Quantitative Social Science, Harvard University


The National Institute on Aging
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


Charles F. Manski & Nicholas Christakis


Crowd Synchronicity and Exceptional Success in Financial Markets
Brian Uzzi (Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University)

Distinguishing Influence Based Contagion From Homophily Driven Diffusion in Dynamic Networks
Sinan Aral (Stern School of Business, New York University)

Identification of Peer Effects through Social Networks
Yann Bramoullé (Department of Economics, Université Laval, Québec)

Influence and Correlation in Social Networks
Aris Anagnostopoulos (Department of Informatics, Sapienza University of Rome)

Homophily, Contagion, and Confounding: Pick Any Three
Cosma Shalizi (Department of Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University)

Global Tobacco Control Diffusion: The Case of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
Tom Valente (Department of Preventive Medicine, University of Southern California)

Studying Social Selection vs. Social Influence in Incipient Social Systems
David Lazer (Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University)


Choice and Chance in Network Formation and Segregation
Matt Jackson (Department of Economics, Stanford University)

Identifying Preferential Attachment
Sanjeev Goyal (Department of Economics, University of Cambridge)

Modeling Large Networks: Conditional Estimation of Exponential Random Graph Models
Pip Pattison (School of Behavioural Science, University of Melbourne)

Activity, Closure and Brokerage in Social Network Models
Garry Robins (School of Behavioural Science, University of Melbourne)

Using the Framingham Heart Study Social Network to Study How Health Affects Relationships
James O’Malley (Department of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School)

Splitting Consistency of Networks
Joe Blitzstein (Department of Statistics, Harvard University)

Implications of Missing Data in Survey-Based Measures of Extended Kin Networks
Barbara Entwisle (Department of Sociology, University of North Carolina)

Graph Constraints and Network Impossibilities, with a Focus on Triads
Katherine Faust (Department of Sociology, University of California, Irvine)


Social Influence and the Autism Epidemic
Peter Bearman (Department of Sociology, Columbia University)

Nonparametric Probability Bounds for Rationalizable Choices in Strategic-Interaction Models with Approximate Equilibrium Beliefs
Andrés Aradillas-López (Department of Economics, University of Wisconsin)

Identification of Treatment Response with Social Interactions
Chuck Manski (Department of Economics, Northwestern University)

An Empirical Model for Strategic Network Formation
Guido Imbens (Department of Economics, Harvard University)

Social Effects in Blau Space
Miller McPherson (Department of Sociology, Duke University)

Methods for Sampling Networks to Extract Information from Them, and Inference from Such Sampled Data
Mark Handcock (Department of Statistics, University of Washington)

Statistical Elements of Complex Networks
Edoardo Airoldi (Department of Statistics, Harvard University)

Does a Group that Fights Together Stay Together? Exploring Quitting Behavior in Massively Multiplayer Online Games
Noshir Contractor (McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University)

Bio-Ancestrally Rooted and Social Construction of Race in the Contemporary United States
Guang Guo (Department of Sociology, University of North Carolina)

EXPERIMENTAL METHODS (convener: Christakis)

Behavioral Experiments in Strategic Behavior
Michael Kearns (Department of Computer Science, University of Pennsylvania)

Field Experiments on Real Networks
Markus Möbius (Department of Economics, Harvard University)

Network Interventions to Promote Weight Loss
Rena Wing (Department of Psychiatry, Brown University)

Social Networks and Microfinance
Esther Duflo (Department of Economics, MIT)

Cooperative Behavior Cascades in Human Social Networks
James Fowler (Department of Political Science, University of California, San Diego)